ktru playsheet


from Fri 12/08/2017 08:00:00 PM until Fri 12/08/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:49 PM- IVVVO / Prince of Grunge [prince of grunge] on the IVVVO label.
09:45 PM- drexciya / bubble metropolis-mixed [dj-kicks (Lone) [mixed tracks]] on the !k7 label.
09:42 PM- gondwana / a gospel of dirt [aum] on the opal tapes label.
09:39 PM- klein, embaci, jacob samuel / act one [klein] on the hyperdub label.
09:37 PM- Wingdings / )star"* [)star"*] on the *****#$#(*&) label.
09:31 PM- kaitlyn aurelia smith / an intention (cumulonimbus remix by joe goddard) [single] on the western vinyl label.
09:28 PM- rabit / dogsblood redemption [les fleurs du mal] on the halcyon veil label.
09:22 PM- SHXCXCHCXSH / Stamma #6 [rosten 2] on the rosten label.
09:13 PM- jefre cantu-ledesma / the last time i saw your face [a year with 13 moons] on the kemado records label.
09:09 PM- ryuichi sakamoto, andy stott / life,life(andy stott remodel) [single] on the kab america inc label.
09:07 PM- jaeden camstra / gameboy in traffic [kids menu] on the vinyl digital GMBH label.
09:04 PM- dj smallcock / "s" [yinyue] on the dual plover label.
09:01 PM- ikonika / 435 [distractions] on the hyperdub label.
08:57 PM- lee gamble / ignition lockoff [mnestic pressure] on the hyperdub label.
08:54 PM- jlin / carbon 7 (161) [black origami] on the planet mu label.
08:51 PM- V1984 / crying beneath the surface of the ocean as the sunsets rays flicker in the indef.. [becoming (N)one] on the glacial industries label.
08:45 PM- abandoned footwear / Song 4 [108 trees] on the isounderscore label.
08:43 PM- boby krilic,, the haxan cloak / in memoriam [the haxan cloak] on the aurora borealis label.
08:37 PM- chafik chennouf / ferroequinologie- katsunori sawa remix [duel aspect] on the opal tapes label.
08:34 PM- visible cloaks / keys [single] on the na label.
08:31 PM- oneohtrix point never / time decant [russian mind] on the software label.
08:29 PM- IVVVO / V [Single] on the NA label.
08:22 PM- boards of canada / everything you do is a balloon [high score] on the skam label.
08:16 PM- lone / airglow fires [reality testing] on the r&s records label.
08:10 PM- radiohead / separator (four tet RMX) [TKOL RMX 1234567] on the LLLP label.
08:06 PM- tim hecker / radio spiricorn [harmony in ultraviolet] on the kranky label.