ktru playsheet

AdrienneW, your name here

from Fri 05/19/2017 03:00:00 PM until Fri 05/19/2017 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:59 PM- cilantro boombox / ddpp [shine] on the s/r label.
05:55 PM- stephen malkmus / it kills [face the truth] on the matador label.
05:49 PM- the clash / junco partner [sandanista!] on the epic label.
05:44 PM- the new pornographers / whiteout conditions [whiteout conditions] on the concord label.
05:40 PM- emel / kaddesh [ensen] on the partisan records label.
05:39 PM- fat freddy's drop / this room [based on a true story] on the quango label.
05:33 PM- eddie cochran / c'mon everybody [singles album] on the united artists label.
05:26 PM- cilantro boombox / living in a box [shine] on the s/r label.
05:24 PM- dizzee rascal / fix up, look sharp [boy in da corner] on the matador label.
05:21 PM- the verlaines / tremble [ready to fly] on the 4ad / slash label.
05:17 PM- the chills / familiarity breeds contempt [submarine bells] on the slash label.
05:16 PM- fat tony / the more things change the more they stay the same [smart ass black boy] on the young one label.
05:11 PM- dj shadow / stem/long stem [endtroducing...] on the mo' wax label.
05:09 PM- bob schneider / getting better [i'm good now] on the shockorama label.
04:58 PM- chris knox / rust [songs of you and me] on the flying nun / caroline label.
04:56 PM- felix da housecat / we [he was king] on the nettwork label.
04:50 PM- ella fitzgerald, cinematic orchestra remix / i get a kick out of you [verve remixed 4] on the verve label.
04:47 PM- roy and millie / we'll meet [vol 1, 1959-1964, ska's the limit] on the island label.
04:42 PM- sir was / a minor life [digging a tunnel] on the city slang label.
04:36 PM- spoon / whisperi'lllistentohearit [hot thoughts] on the matador label.
04:36 PM- smith westerns / the glam goddess [smith westerns] on the fat possum label.
04:30 PM- saint etienne / split screen [good humor] on the subpop label.
04:27 PM- acid arab / sayarat 303 [musique de france] on the crammed discs label.
04:21 PM- bonobo ft. nick murphy / no reason [migration] on the ninja tune label.
04:21 PM- dinosaur jnr / get me [in session] on the bbc label.
04:12 PM- wise, anna / self on fire [the feminine act 2] on the s/r label.
04:05 PM- robyn hitchcock / all i wanna do is fall in love [invisible hitchcock] on the rhino label.
03:57 PM- sleigh bells / rill rill [treats] on the mom + pop label.
03:53 PM- death cab for cutie / soul meets body [plane] on the atlantic label.
03:49 PM- the smiths / the boy with the thorn in his side [the queen is dead] on the rough trade label.
03:46 PM- rose ette / predator [jungle / skin] on the miss champagne label.
03:40 PM- cut chemist / the garden [the audience's listening] on the warner bros label.
03:34 PM- hot chip / huarache lights [why make sense?] on the domino label.
03:32 PM- tuxedo / 2nd time around [tuxedo ii] on the stones throw label.
03:23 PM- interpol / obstacle 1 (arthur baker mix) [radio ep] on the matador label.
03:21 PM- sixtoo / jackals and vipers in envy of man, part 9 [you don't know] on the ninjatune label.
03:15 PM- free radicals / 146 exonerees [freedom of movement] on the s/r label.
03:12 PM- the clean / tally ho [compilation] on the homestead records label.
03:11 PM- tanya donelly / every devil [whiskey tango ghosts] on the 4ad label.
03:05 PM- future / rich sex [ds2] on the epic label.