ktru playsheet


from Mon 05/13/2019 09:00:00 PM until Mon 05/13/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:07 PM- Rammstein / Deutschland [Rammstein] on the Caroline label.
10:03 PM- Outre-Tombe / Concile Cadaverique [Necrovortex] on the Temple of Mystery label.
10:01 PM- Eye of the Destroyer / Buried Alive [Baptized in Pain] on the High Potency Records label.
09:56 PM- De Profundis / Godforsaken [The Blinding Light of Faith] on the Trascending Obscurity label.
09:53 PM- Abnormality / Monarch Alpha [Sociopathic Constructs] on the Metal Blade Records label.
09:48 PM- Hexenklad / An Offering [Spirit of the Stone] on the GDN Records label.
09:45 PM- Drawn and Quartered / Deliverance to the Worms [The One Who Lurks] on the Krucyator Productions label.
09:41 PM- Employed to Serve / Owed Nothing [Eternal Forward Motion] on the Spinefarm Records label.
09:36 PM- Death Angel / Humanicide [Humanicide] on the Nuclear Blast label.
09:30 PM- Anga Demana / Erode [Triptych of Decay] on the Self-released label.
09:28 PM- Defeater / Mothers' Sons [Defeater] on the Epitaph label.
09:22 PM- Nachash / Red Death Eclipse (A Savage Darkening) [Phantasmal Trinunity] on the Shadow Kingdom label.
09:14 PM- Goblinsmoker / Take the Dead [Toad King] on the Sludgelord Records label.
09:10 PM- Hollow Leg / Chimera [Civilizations] on the Argonauta label.
09:04 PM- Dayglo Mourning / Wizard in White [Rope Enough for Two] on the Black Doomba Records label.
09:03 PM- Prison / Who Lives Who Dies Who Cares [Come, Annihilation] on the Self-released label.