ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/11/2017 12:30:00 AM until Wed 10/11/2017 01:15:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:04 AM- twink / dance among rabbigs [wide eyed wild ride] on the s/r label.
02:04 AM- stillichimiya x compuma / bangkok nights [bangkok nights] on the em label.
01:52 AM- com truise / yope [iteration] on the ghostly international label.
01:50 AM- czar face / ever hero needs a villain [s/t] on the brick label.
01:33 AM- nicolas winding / side 1 [it follows] on the radius tow label.
01:13 AM- jack nicholson / the elephants childe [the elephants child] on the windham hill records label.
01:04 AM- the suffers / gwan [s/t] on the self released oh yeah label.
12:56 AM- juke boy bonner / running shoes [the struggle] on the arhoolie label.
12:52 AM- erykah badu / cel u lar device [but you caint use my phone] on the control freaqu label.
12:50 AM- Los Americans / problemas otra vez [los nuggetz] on the volume uno label.
12:47 AM- vicente fernandez / lo siento por ti [s/t] on the caytronics label.
12:42 AM- le tigre / deceptacon dfa remis [remixes] on the mr lady records label.
12:36 AM- thermals / god and country [fuckin a] on the sub pop label.
12:35 AM- lee fields / you're the kind of girl [faithful man] on the truth and sould label.
12:34 AM- washed out / burn out blues [mister mellow] on the stones throw label.