ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 05/15/2018 08:02:00 PM until Tue 05/15/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- old 97s / victoria [wreck your life] on the bloodshot label.
09:55 PM- flygerwoods / she knows [she knows] on the fwm creative label.
09:51 PM- devin the dude / probably should have [probably should have] on the entertainemnt one label.
09:47 PM- rymna / in the city [1219] on the roologic label.
09:43 PM- blackie / false marriages [gen] on the self label.
09:40 PM- virgil wolfe / hold on [hold on] on the self label.
09:38 PM- genesis blu / the sermon [bluming season] on the roologic label.
09:35 PM- guilla / illa [crunchy roll and chill] on the cloudopolis label.
09:33 PM- tame, the aspiring me / for you [98 briargate & almeda] on the self label.
09:27 PM- ed hall / cracked [albert] on the boner records label.
09:24 PM- nervebreakers / my girlfriend is a rock [we want everything!] on the get hip label.
09:21 PM- the skunks / earthquake shake [soul jazz presents punk 45] on the soul jazz label.
09:20 PM- dri / reagonomics [dealing with it] on the beer city label.
09:19 PM- mdc / king of thrash [smoke signals] on the beer city label.
09:16 PM- mydolls / in technicolor [a world of her own] on the self label.
09:15 PM- big boys / frat cars [the skinny elvis] on the touch & go label.
09:12 PM- giant kitty / disorder girl [rampage] on the roologic label.
09:09 PM- the hates / gonna get pissed tonight [30 years of hate 1978-2008] on the self label.
09:07 PM- culturcide / the tapes [year one again] on the hotbox review label.
09:04 PM- dicks / rich daddy [kill from the heart/hate the police] on the alternative tentacles label.
09:04 PM- really red / the fee [teaching you the fear: the complete collection 1978-1985] on the alternative tentacles label.
08:52 PM- slow meadow / ships along the harbor [costero] on the hammock music label.
08:49 PM- amanda pascali / in between the alleyways [amanda pascali] on the self label.
08:45 PM- stephen farris / four [touched by an angle #1] on the self label.
08:41 PM- matt hammon / never say so [silver suitcase] on the olivette label.
08:37 PM- moth wings / sharp edge [open swim] on the self label.
08:33 PM- ashlynn ivy / sparrow song [hearts for breakfast] on the self label.
08:29 PM- guess genes / bones on the beach [guess genes] on the very jazzed label.
08:23 PM- leon bridges / bad bad news [good thing] on the columbia label.
08:20 PM- kristal cherelle / only love [fighter] on the self label.
08:16 PM- pecos hank / drive under the moon [el reno blues] on the splice label.
08:11 PM- sherita perez / another way [high vibes] on the self label.
08:08 PM- craig kinsey / what is it that you want [american roots & machines] on the splice label.
08:05 PM- the suffers / mammas [mamas] on the shenachie label.
08:04 PM- ancient cat society / wildwood [ancient cat society] on the splice label.