ktru playsheet


from Sun 01/06/2019 10:00:00 AM until Sun 01/06/2019 12:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:00 PM- carla bley & steve swallow / soon i will be done with the troubles of this world [duets] on the watt label.
11:53 AM- tom brosseau / faveorite color blue [posthumous success] on the fat cat label.
11:48 AM- red molly / 1952 vincent black lightning [the red album] on the n/a label.
11:44 AM- blake babies / lament [innocence and experience] on the mammoth label.
11:41 AM- swearin' / untitled (LA) [fall into the sun] on the merge label.
11:40 AM- calexico / the ride [the black light] on the 1/4 stick label.
11:32 AM- days n daze / devil's hour [crustfall] on the sweater weather / all we've got label.
11:29 AM- tacocat / dana katherine scully [lost time] on the hardly art label.
11:25 AM- jeff rosenstock / tv stars [post-] on the polyvinyl label.
11:22 AM- the mr t experience / ...and i will be with you [revenge is sweet, and so are you] on the lookout label.
11:19 AM- dwezil & moon unit zappa / (in love) with you gumby [gumby] on the buena vista label.
11:17 AM- john delafose / hippity hop [joe pete got two women] on the arhoolie label.
11:12 AM- spesh / p.a.r.k.a. [famous world] on the killroom label.
11:08 AM- viagra boys / sports [street worms] on the s/r label.
11:06 AM- james kichalka superstar / monkey vs robot [our most beloved] on the ryko label.
11:03 AM- bill harley / sleep the whole day through [rock and roll kids playground] on the putumayoo kids label.
11:00 AM- yowler / angel [black dog in my path] on the double double whammy label.
10:54 AM- sister carol / international style [women in reggae] on the shanachie label.
10:50 AM- steve hauschildt / saccade [dissolvi] on the ghostly international label.
10:47 AM- will keys / sweet fern [masters of the banjo] on the arhoolie label.
10:44 AM- buffalo tom / sundress [sleepy eyed] on the beggar's banquet label.
10:41 AM- ingeborg von agassiz / oh the hillside [o giver of dreams] on the s/t label.
10:36 AM- eyes of love / classifieds strings [end of the game] on the wharf cat label.
10:33 AM- starlight mints / inside of me [drowaton] on the barsuk label.
10:29 AM- the bulgarian state television female vocal choir / shope dance [ritual] on the elektra label.
10:26 AM- public practice / into the ring [distance is a mirror] on the wharf cat label.
10:22 AM- dreams / young minds [no one defeats us] on the astralwerks label.
10:15 AM- shinyribs / sweeter than scars [gulf coas museum] on the nmr label.
10:13 AM- hartman, odetta / cowboy song [old rockhounds never die] on the northern spy label.
10:11 AM- colin clary / song for all the lazy sundays [james kochalka superstar/colin clary split ep] on the dangerfive records label.
10:02 AM- marilyn crispell / misconception [live in san francisco] on the music and arts label.