ktru playsheet

GabrielT, MikeHua

from Wed 02/07/2018 03:03:00 PM until Wed 02/07/2018 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:59 PM- sonic youth / goodnight [washing machine] on the washing machine label.
04:55 PM- inkblot / soapy [love your mother] on the audio dregs label.
04:48 PM- can / oh yeah [tago mago] on the mute label.
04:46 PM- robin cox / lift [ghost of time] on the iridian records label.
04:38 PM- magic hour / jonathan & charles [will they turn you on or will they turn on you] on the twisted village label.
04:36 PM- smith westerns / boys are fine [smith westerns] on the fat possum label.
04:33 PM- elliot smith / angeles [either/or] on the kill rock stars label.
04:29 PM- subarachnoid space / flicker [ether or] on the unit circle label.
04:22 PM- kurt vile / peeping tomboy [smoke ring for my halo] on the matador records label.
04:19 PM- barkmarket / carjack [gimmick] on the american recordings label.
04:15 PM- vertigo / love withdrawl [ventriloquist] on the amphetamine reptile label.
04:08 PM- matthew shipp trio / prism i [prism] on the etoplasm label.
04:03 PM- jane bunnett and don pullen / nice work [new york duets] on the music and arts label.
04:02 PM- shredders / calm/sane [dangerous jumps] on the doomtree label.
03:55 PM- courtney barnett and kurt vile / fear is like a forest [lotta sea lice] on the matador label.
03:52 PM- hiatus kaiyote / molasses [choose your weapon] on the flying buddha label.
03:48 PM- grieves / night shift [running wild] on the rhymesayers label.
03:43 PM- illism / MNsota [love and loyalty] on the s/r label.
03:40 PM- death grips / runway t [fashion week] on the third worlds label.
03:37 PM- tribulation / lady death [down below] on the century media label.
03:35 PM- kepone / loud [ugly dance] on the stick records label.
03:33 PM- jack topht / eating chicken finger subs with scott norwood [doin art] on the . label.
03:30 PM- santa muerte x omaar / y-riddim [majia split ep] on the majia label.
03:19 PM- land of kush / iceland spur [against the day] on the constellations label.
03:11 PM- odonis odonis / check my profile [no pop] on the felte label.