ktru playsheet

Ashley, NicoleB
afternoon delight

from Tue 01/08/2019 03:00:00 PM until Tue 01/08/2019 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:02 PM- graham nash, david crosby / immigration man [graham nash and david crosby] on the atlantic label.
04:53 PM- mcfadden and whitehead / do you want to danc [mcfadden and whitehead] on the philadelphia international label.
04:50 PM- roberta flack & donny hathaway / be real black for me [roberta flack & donny hathaway] on the atlantic label.
04:48 PM- t rex / ride a white swan [trex] on the fly records label.
04:45 PM- loggins and messina / sweet marie [native sons] on the columbia label.
04:38 PM- the brothers johnson / ill be good to you [look out for #1] on the a&m label.
04:35 PM- flo & eddie / keep it warm [moving targets] on the columbia label.
04:32 PM- simon and garfunkel / why don't you write me [bridge over troubled water] on the columbia label.
04:31 PM- suicide / cheree [suicide] on the bronze label.
04:19 PM- carpenters / calling occupants of interplanetary craft (the recognized anthem of wold contact day) [passage] on the a&m label.
04:15 PM- richard and linda thompson / i want to tsee the brigh lights tonight [i want to see the bright lights tonight] on the universal label.
04:07 PM- nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood / big red balloon [nancy and lee again] on the boots label.
04:06 PM- sam and dave / blinded by love [back at'cha] on the capitol label.
04:01 PM- steely dan / black cow [aja] on the abc label.
03:56 PM- the righteous brothers / rock and roll heaven [give it to the people] on the capitol label.
03:52 PM- daryl hall and john oates / lady rain [abandoned luncheonette] on the atlantic label.
03:49 PM- captain and tennille / the way i want to touch you [love will keep ustgether] on the a&m label.
03:44 PM- seals and crofts / get closer [get closer] on the warner bros label.
03:40 PM- leon and mary russel / rainbow in your eyes [wedding album] on the wounded bird records label.
03:38 PM- donny and marie osmond / morning side of the mountain [im leaving it all up to you] on the umg label.
03:30 PM- peters and lee / welcome home [peters and lee] on the president label.
03:30 PM- dollar / shooting star [shooting stars] on the sanctuary label.
03:22 PM- mouth and macneal / how do you do [how do you do] on the murcury label.
03:22 PM- the everly brothers / nothing matters but you [the new album] on the warner brothers label.
03:13 PM- peaches and herb / fours a traffic jam [2 hot] on the universal label.
03:12 PM- ashford and simpson / stay free [stay free] on the warner brothers label.
03:05 PM- sonny and cher / all i ever need is you [all i ever need is you] on the geffen label.
03:03 PM- captain and tennille / we never really say goodbye [come in from the rain] on the a&m label.