ktru playsheet

AzalechH, HelenB

from Mon 09/09/2019 07:00:00 PM until Mon 09/09/2019 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- frankie & the witch fingers / pleasure [zam] on the greenway label.
07:53 PM- homeshake / like mariah [helium] on the sinderlyn label.
07:49 PM- saint etienne / how we used to live [the sound of water] on the subpop label.
07:46 PM- captin beefheart / my human gives me blues [trout mask replica] on the s/r label.
07:42 PM- hot chip / melody love [a bathful of ecstasy] on the domino label.
07:39 PM- la pieta / paperwhites [summer] on the s/r label.
07:37 PM- downtown boys / tonta [cost of living] on the subpop label.
07:32 PM- local natives / megaton mile [violet street] on the loma vista label.
07:29 PM- the hopkins brothers / come down to my house [joel, lightning & john henry] on the arhoolie label.
07:25 PM- osborne, mary / these foolish things (remind me of you) [a memorial] on the stash records label.
07:20 PM- buttercream gang, the / rain of shine [oh brother] on the pitted records label.
07:15 PM- kazyak / our daydream [reflection] on the s/r label.
07:13 PM- bizzart / mount washington blue and red [bloodshot mama] on the sounds are active label.
07:10 PM- soft moon, the / tiny spiders [s/t] on the captured tracks label.
07:06 PM- faunts / out on a limb [feel.love.thinking.of] on the friendly fire label.