ktru playsheet

cool britannia

from Thu 03/14/2019 05:00:00 PM until Thu 03/14/2019 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:57 PM- the chemical brothers / setting sun [dig your own hole] on the freestyle dust, virgin, astralwerks label.
05:52 PM- client / zerox machine [heartland] on the out of line, spv label.
05:47 PM- echobelly / faces in the mirror [anarchy and alchemy] on the fauve music label.
05:44 PM- dubstar / anywhere [disgraceful] on the food label.
05:40 PM- jesus jones / real real real [doubt] on the food label.
05:37 PM- sleeper / the sun also rises [the modern age] on the gorsky label.
05:33 PM- saint etienne / popular [words and music by saint etienne] on the heavenly label.
05:30 PM- teenage fanclub / sparky's dream [grand prix] on the creation, geffen label.
05:26 PM- ocean colour scene / one for the road [moseley shoals] on the mca label.
05:20 PM- cast / history [all change] on the polydor label.
05:16 PM- the charlatans / north country boy [tellin' stories] on the beggars banquet label.
05:11 PM- pulp / monday morning [different class] on the island label.
05:08 PM- the seahorses / blinded by the sun [do it yourself] on the geffen records label.
05:04 PM- suede / no tomorrow [night thoughts] on the warner music label.
05:01 PM- elastica / image change [the menace] on the deceptive label.