ktru playsheet

JahnaviJ, BenjaminJ

from Thu 01/11/2018 05:00:00 PM until Thu 01/11/2018 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:57 PM- skinny puppy / dig it [the singles collection] on the nettwerk label.
05:52 PM- pearl crush / first blush [somewhere between 7"] on the poison moon label.
05:49 PM- kid koala / roboshuffle [carpal tunnel syndrome] on the ninja tune label.
05:42 PM- tame impala / ben and jahnavi remix of let it happen [currents] on the interscope label.
05:36 PM- M83 / soon, my friend [hurry up, we're dreaming] on the mute label.

05:28 PM- listenlisten / i rise [dog] on the murkville label.
05:20 PM- pollens / dinosaurs [mister manufacture] on the s/r label.
05:13 PM- barn owl / oakland invocation [from our mouths a perpetual light] on the not not fun label.
05:12 PM- arab on radar / #5 [soak the saddle] on the skin graft label.
05:09 PM- de novo dahl / sexy come lately [shout] on the roadrunner label.
05:05 PM- art of noise / moments in love [who's afraid of] on the island label.