ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 12/21/2017 10:05:00 PM until Thu 12/21/2017 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:05 AM- lilly hiatt / trinity lane [trinity lane] on the new west label.
01:01 AM- reigning sound / watching my baby get ready [abdication . . . for your love] on the scion label.
01:00 AM- blondie / love at the pier [plastic letters] on the chrysalis label.
12:56 AM- the muffs / don't pick on me [really really happy] on the sub pop label.
12:54 AM- turbonegro / black rabbit [ass cobra] on the sympathy label.
12:50 AM- cute lepers / ambulance man [adventure time] on the damaged goods label.
12:49 AM- superchunk / horror business [7"] on the merge label.
12:47 AM- the ramones / bop 'til you drop [mania] on the sire label.
12:46 AM- the donnas / da doo ron ron [the donnas] on the lookout label.
12:46 AM- blood on the wall / dead edge of town [awesomer] on the label.
12:41 AM- oblivians / cannonball [on the go] on the goner label.
12:40 AM- gluecifer / get that psycho out of my face [tender is the savage] on the gearhead label.
12:38 AM- no bunny / pretty girls [secret songs] on the goner label.
12:36 AM- jay reatard / nightmares [blood vision] on the goner label.
12:32 AM- the kiss offs / scarlet letters [goodbye private life] on the peek a boo label.
12:29 AM- razor boys / toys [1978] on the hozac label.
12:26 AM- slayer / jesus saves [reign in blood] on the def jam label.
12:22 AM- dead weather / buzzkill(er) [dodge and burn] on the third man label.
12:19 AM- hickoids / queen of the bbq [hickoid heaven] on the saustex label.
12:18 AM- nasty bits / rotten apple [vinyl soundtrack] on the atlantic label.
12:16 AM- jesus lizard / blue shot [shot] on the capitol label.
12:15 AM- scratch acid / cannibal [scratch acid] on the rabid cat label.
12:13 AM- spaceshits / showdown on 3rd street [winter dance party] on the estrus label.
12:10 AM- magnetic iv / shall we [teenage zombie riot] on the label.
12:08 AM- thin lizzy / running back [jail break] on the mercury label.
12:07 AM- x / delta 88 [los angeles] on the slash label.
12:05 AM- the hentchmen / front porch entertainers [three times infinity] on the italy label.
12:01 AM- white heat / in my head [white heat] on the wh label.
12:00 AM- marked men / a little lesson [fix my brain] on the dirtnap label.
11:57 PM- chuck berry / beautiful delilah [the definitive] on the chess label.
11:55 PM- thee headcoats / be a sect maniac [elementary headcoats] on the damaged goods label.
11:54 PM- cherry valence / lose that smile [cherry valence] on the estrus label.
11:51 PM- new bomb turks / lyin' on our backs [information highway revisited] on the crypt label.
11:46 PM- supersuckers / rock and roll records (ain't selling this year) [motherfuckers be trippin'] on the label.
11:45 PM- bangs / docudrama [sweet revenge] on the krs label.
11:40 PM- rapemen / superpussy [two nuns and a pack mule] on the touch and go label.
11:39 PM- vivian girls / all the time [vivian girls] on the in the red label.
11:35 PM- butthole surfers / 22 going on 23 [locust abortion technician] on the touch and go label.
11:33 PM- love / que vida! [da capo] on the sundazed label.
11:26 PM- the chaparrels / i tried so hard [v/a epitaph for a legend] on the international artists label.
11:24 PM- crime / hot wire my heart [san francisco's first and only rock and roll band] on the swami label.
11:20 PM- the victims / televison addict [all loud ont he western front] on the victims label.
11:16 PM- david bowie / rebel rebel [changes] on the rca label.
11:13 PM- born liars / exit smiling [exit smiling] on the cutthroat label.
11:11 PM- compulsive gamblers / i'm that guy [crystal gazing luck amazing] on the sympathy for threcord industry label.
11:07 PM- cheetah chrome / stillwanna die [v/a new york, ny] on the ork label.
11:05 PM- the velvet underground and nico / i'm waiting for the man [andy warhol] on the verve label.
10:58 PM- the leopards / i wonder if i'll ever see you again [kansas city slickers] on the sing sing label.
10:55 PM- the records / i don't remember your name [the records crashes] on the virgin label.
10:52 PM- green river / ain't nothing to do [v/a roots of nirvana] on the mojo label.
10:49 PM- rank and rile / amanda ruth [sundown] on the slash label.
10:47 PM- the pretty things / buzz the jerk [get the picture?] on the norton label.
10:44 PM- the rich hands / never let you go [dreamers] on the fountain records label.
10:37 PM- the pretendenders / 2000 miles [learning to crawl] on the sire label.
10:36 PM- alice bag / gluttony [v/a the decline of western civilization] on the slash label.
10:31 PM- liar, liar / the castaways [v/a nuggets original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era] on the sire label.
10:27 PM- xray specs / germfree adolescents [germfree adolescents] on the virgin records label.germfree adolescentsgermfree adolescents
10:20 PM- matthew sweet / girlfriend [girlfriend] on the volcano/legacy label.
10:17 PM- the ravers / silent night [punk rock christmas] on the rhino records label.
10:11 PM- the plimsouls / zero hour/hobo [beach town confidential live at the golden bear 1983] on the alive natural sound label.
10:10 PM- zero boys / living in the 80s [history of the zero boys] on the zero boys and secretly canadian label.
10:08 PM- moving sidewalks / 99th floor [99th floor] on the eva label.licin