ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 09/10/2019 08:00:00 PM until Tue 09/10/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:55 PM- daniel johnston / worried shoes [yip! jump music] on the eternal yip eye music label.
09:52 PM- dri / nursing home blues [dealing with it] on the beer city label.
09:50 PM- mdc / john wayne was a nazi [millions of dead cops] on the beer city label.
09:47 PM- hugh beaumont experience / zyklon b [zyklon b] on the self label.
09:45 PM- the hates / no talk in the 80's [first three recordings] on the self label.
09:42 PM- culturcide / the tapes [year one again] on the self label.
09:41 PM- big boys / frat cars [the skinny elvis] on the touch and go label.
09:39 PM- butthole surfers / ussa [locust abortion technition] on the touch and go label.
09:35 PM- mydolls / fair stand the fields of france [it's too hot for revolution] on the self label.
09:33 PM- dicks / off duty sailor [these people/peace?] on the alternative tentacles label.
09:30 PM- the judys / guyana punch [washarama] on the self label.
09:21 PM- buxton / green of endless pines [stay out late] on the new west label.
09:17 PM- dollie barnes / apple [caught in a phase] on the self label.
09:14 PM- sun june / discotheque [discotheque] on the keeled scales label.
09:10 PM- molly burch / your party [ballads] on the captured tracks label.
09:05 PM- amanda pascali / waltz in e minor [still it moves] on the self label.
09:01 PM- matt harlan / like lightning (way out of town) [best beasts] on the eight 30 label.
08:50 PM- britt / crisco [kill the man] on the poison moon label.
08:48 PM- brother sports / brooklyn heights [put out the fires] on the self label.
08:45 PM- tee vee / home [tempest] on the self label.
08:42 PM- the bright light social hour / darling you [jude vol 1] on the modern outsider label.
08:39 PM- caroline rose / soul no. 5 [loner] on the new west label.
08:35 PM- calliope musicals / this is not the end [color/sweat] on the rhyme & reason label.
08:31 PM- glaze / valentine [glazeTV] on the self label.
08:29 PM- mind shrine / memories [mind shrine] on the self label.
08:24 PM- moth wings / open swim [open swim] on the self label.
08:20 PM- rome hero foxes / bsfbd [bsfbd] on the self label.
08:18 PM- mantra love / feels [u called?] on the very jazzed label.
08:12 PM- small chair / marcy avenue [marcy avenue] on the self label.
08:07 PM- ringo deathstarr / stare at the sun [pure mood] on the reverberation appreciation society label.
08:04 PM- blushing / pressure [blushing] on the wallflower label.
08:01 PM- el lago / endless [pyramid] on the wallflower label.