ktru playsheet

world music

from Mon 02/05/2018 07:00:00 PM until Mon 02/05/2018 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:00 PM- five rhythym works / out in, part 1 [from scratch] on the emr records label.
08:56 PM- stormzy feat. mnek / blinded by your grace, pt. 2 [gang signs & prayer] on the #merky records label.
08:44 PM- k.s chitra / palapoothu [krishnaa nee ariyumo enne] on the audiotracs label.
08:34 PM- degung-mojang priangan / sundanese music of west java [mojang priangan] on the interra label.
08:28 PM- ex battalion, o.c. dawgs / hayaan mo sila [hayaan mo sila (single)] on the ex battalion music label.
08:23 PM- ego / ked pridem domov / prepac [precedens] on the ego label.
08:19 PM- sebastian yatra / sutra [dalmata] on the umg recordings label.
08:15 PM- caprezza / confusianesimo [prisoner 709] on the universal music italia label.
08:07 PM- coco lee / bao bei dui bu qi [promise] on the sony muysic entertainment (holland) b.v. label.
08:04 PM- ersay uner / iki asik [iki asik (single)] on the dogan muzik yapim label.
07:59 PM- andres segovia, francisco tarrega / recuerdoes de la alhambra [my favorite workds] on the geffen records label.
07:57 PM- pussy riot / police state [police state] on the nice life label.
07:50 PM- samar ray / h'bibi malou [welli welli] on the amd label.
07:47 PM- aster aweke / hoho gela [aster's ballads] on the kabu records label.
07:43 PM- mc marcinho / tudo de bom (radio version) [tudo de bom (single)] on the galerrao records label.
07:42 PM- troyboi, stooki sound / w2l (welcome to london) [w2l (single)] on the mad decent label.
07:31 PM- femi kuti / i wanna be free [africa shrine] on the uwe- mk2 music label.
07:27 PM- abby lakew / yene habesha [yene habesha] on the abby lakew label.
07:23 PM- mars, arif, unge ferrari / jeg er lei meg [mars] on the mars label.
07:19 PM- teddy afro, mamila, and kichini / eso eso [woylata collection hits] on the emd 2013 label.
07:14 PM- keri-lynn wilson & simon bolivar orchestra / danzon no. 2 [danzon] on the dorian recordings label.
07:08 PM- oumou sangare / yere faga feat tony allen [mogoya] on the no format label.