ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 05/14/2019 08:02:00 PM until Tue 05/14/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- kings x / pray [xv] on the knife fight label.
09:53 PM- omotai / a ruined oak [a ruined oak] on the tofu carnage label.
09:50 PM- the sword / fire lances of the ancient hyperzepyrians [gods of the earth] on the kemado label.
09:49 PM- from beyond / the slip [the band from beyond] on the tanglade label.
09:41 PM- warlung / 1970 [immortal portal] on the self label.
09:36 PM- the well / death song [death and consolation] on the riding easy label.
09:32 PM- doomstress / burning lotus [sleep among the dead] on the self label.
09:21 PM- merel & tony with the woe woe woes / when is this and who [bones and feathers] on the self label.
09:18 PM- amanda pascali / the paleontologist [still it moves] on the self label.
09:14 PM- sun june / apartments [years] on the keeled scales label.
09:11 PM- the deer / reflections on moonstone beach [tempest & rapture] on the self label.
09:08 PM- what made milwaukee famous / sultan [what doesn't kill us] on the barsuk label.
09:05 PM- i love you but i've chosen darkness / safely [dust] on the secretly canadian label.
09:02 PM- spoon / sunday morning wednesday night [sister jack] on the merge label.
09:00 PM- lomelda / bust [m for empathy] on the double double whammy label.
08:49 PM- secret sands / path infinity extreme [path infinity extreme] on the self label.
08:44 PM- tearful moon / parasite [evocation] on the self label.
08:41 PM- sudie / schitzo [prism] on the computer ugly label.
08:35 PM- black kite / hunted, open [soft animus heart] on the self label.
08:30 PM- studded left / vain [popular intuition] on the self label.
08:24 PM- matthew logan vasquez / i love my boy [light'n up] on the dine alone label.
08:21 PM- robert ellis / topo chico [texas piano man] on the new west label.
08:17 PM- a sinclair / in the beginning [catpaws] on the the babies and the puppies label.
08:11 PM- vodi / state line [talk] on the self label.
08:08 PM- walker lukens / u2me2 [adult] on the modern outsider label.
08:04 PM- buenos diaz / nervous [nervous] on the wormhole label.
08:02 PM- folk family revival / here comes the night [electric darlin] on the splice label.