ktru playsheet

ElisaM, RachelC

from Sat 02/03/2018 04:00:00 PM until Sat 02/03/2018 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:55 PM- illism / hold up (ft. jay hollywood) [love and loyalty] on the s/r label.
05:51 PM- rac / i still wanna know ft. rivers cuomo [ego] on the counter label.
05:48 PM- the shins / bait and switch [port of morrow] on the columbia label.
05:44 PM- matchbook romance / you can run. but we'll find you [voices] on the epitaph label.
05:40 PM- baker, julien / turn out the lights [turn out the lights] on the matador label.
05:36 PM- dinosaur jr / be a part [give a glimpse of what yer not] on the jagjaguwar label.
05:33 PM- modest mouse / float on [good news for people who love bad news] on the sony label.
05:28 PM- fever ray / idk about you [plunge] on the mute label.
05:26 PM- wallace read / chere meon [cajun house party] on the arhoolie label.
05:23 PM- matthew dear / headcage [beams] on the gohstly international label.
05:19 PM- londale / wait [am/fm] on the s/r label.
05:17 PM- steve riley and the mamou playboys / le danse de mardi gras [mardi gras in new orleans] on the rounder heritage label.
05:16 PM- john lee hooker / big legs, tight skirt [the blues] on the da music label.
05:13 PM- john lee hooker / big legs, tight skirts [the blues] on the da music label.
05:06 PM- more eaze / i don't care (ft. slug christ) [bodiezncode] on the self sabotage label.
05:04 PM- the pretty please / the rock star guide to falling apart [demonstration ep] on the action figure records label.
05:01 PM- phoenix / long distace call [it's never been like that] on the virgin music inc label.
04:59 PM- beat farmers / gun sale at the church [van go] on the mca label.
04:55 PM- zephyr bones, the / hurricanes [secret place] on the la castanya label.
04:55 PM- the places / mouth to mouth [the autopilot knows you best] on the absolutely kosher label.
04:51 PM- billy j. kramer and the dakotas / do you want to know a secret [hits of the sixties] on the castle label.
04:49 PM- king krule / the locomotive [the ooz] on the true panther label.
04:44 PM- knodel / cold war [the white hole] on the sponge bath label.
04:42 PM- birdie / laugh [some dusty] on the it/kndercore label.
04:38 PM- jefferson airplane / rejoyce [2400 fulton street] on the rca label.
04:33 PM- local natives / coins [sunlit youth] on the loma vista label.
04:31 PM- melkbelly / kid kreative [nothing valley] on the wax nine label.
04:28 PM- the pool / uptown flash [333] on the enigma label.
04:23 PM- takahiro kido / the gentle afternoon [fleursy music] on the plop label.
04:21 PM- torres / tongue slap your brains out [three futures] on the 4ad label.
04:20 PM- death valley / a fistful of pasta [que pasta] on the doublenaught records label.
04:16 PM- black lips / dirty hands [let it bloom] on the in the red records label.
04:13 PM- love sculpture / the stumble [blues helping] on the rare earth label.
04:10 PM- sex pistols / i wanna be me [better live than dead] on the restless label.
04:09 PM- kimya dawson / the sounds of ataris [knock-knock who?] on the important records label.
04:06 PM- tresco del rey / dimples [the many moods of...] on the upstart records label.
04:02 PM- of monsers and men / wolves without teeth [beneath the skin] on the republic records label.