ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 03/10/2020 08:01:00 PM until Tue 03/10/2020 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59 PM- lightning hopkins / mojo hand [lightnin] on the arhoolie label.
09:56 PM- street sects / suicide by cop [suicide by cop] on the the flenser label.
09:53 PM- studded left / lemon lovers [popular intuition] on the self label.
09:50 PM- drakulas / level up [level up] on the dine alone label.
09:48 PM- cool moon / sleep [the devil doesn't always need an advocate] on the self label.
09:43 PM- narrow head / satellite [coursing through] on the self label.
09:40 PM- portrayal of guilt / scarcity [suffering is a gift] on the run for cover label.
09:38 PM- searing arrow / places in the heart [paranoid fiction] on the self label.
09:35 PM- overo / dark eyes [overo] on the count your lucky stars label.
09:28 PM- spoon / inside out [they want my soul] on the loma vista label.
09:21 PM- khruangbin/leon bridges / conversion [texas sun] on the dead oceans label.
09:18 PM- the sour notes / enough [shoulda/enough] on the self label.
09:14 PM- bug bites / see you alone [see you alone] on the self label.
09:11 PM- john allen stephens / addiction [addiction] on the third coast label.
09:07 PM- sweet spirit / behold [behold] on the merge label.
08:53 PM- india tigers in texas / viva los muertos! [indie tigers in texas] on the self label.
08:49 PM- flower graves / sea of clover [living in disguise] on the wallflower label.
08:44 PM- the wheel workers / burning [post-truth] on the self label.
08:38 PM- mantra love / ben dover [ben dover] on the very jazzed label.
08:34 PM- el lago / solo [pyramid] on the self label.
08:31 PM- ringo deathstarr / god help the ones you love [god help the ones you love] on the reverberation appreciation society label.
08:26 PM- brother sports / what ur doin [what ur doin] on the self label.
08:22 PM- goodgirl / purposeless [poor habits] on the self label.
08:18 PM- tee vee / dreaming [tempest] on the self label.
08:14 PM- velveteen echo / with you [golden ring] on the wallflower label.
08:10 PM- miears / i still [hanging on] on the self label.
08:07 PM- caroline rose / someone new [superstar] on the new west label.
08:03 PM- birthday club / see you around [obscure emotion] on the self label.