ktru playsheet


from Fri 12/15/2017 07:00:00 PM until Fri 12/15/2017 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:03 PM- Man...or Astroman? / Polaris [Your Weight on The Moon] on the One Louder Records label.
07:59 PM- superchunk / Skip Steps [No Pocky For Kitty] on the Matador label.
07:56 PM- Sonic Youth / Junkie's Promise [Washing Machine] on the DGC label.
07:53 PM- The Magnetic IV / Lord Have Mercy [Teenage Zombie Riot] on the Reform School Records label.
07:50 PM- Misfits / Die, Die My Darling [Misfits "Collection 1"] on the Plan 9 label.
07:43 PM- The Fall / Elf Prefix / L.A. [Seminal Live] on the Beggars Banquet / RCA label.
07:40 PM- Stereolab / Hillbilly Motobike [Margerine Eclipse] on the Elektra label.
07:36 PM- Taj Mahal / The Cuckoo [Natch'l Blues] on the Legacy label.
07:30 PM- Sightings / Trials of Peter [Amusers & Puzzlers] on the Dais label.
07:27 PM- Killbilly / Muddy Rio Grand [Stranger in This Place] on the Flying Fish label.
07:19 PM- The Horrors / Ghost / [V] on the Wolf Tone label.
07:15 PM- Los Strait Jackets / Tailspin [Los Strait Jackets] on the Upstart Records label.
07:12 PM- Meat Puppets / Maiden's Milk [Up on the Sun] on the SST Records label.
07:06 PM- The Original Pin Stripe Brass Band / Lord, Lord, Lord [Your Last Chance to Dance] on the Orleans Records label.
07:03 PM- Melvins / Revolve [Stoner Witch] on the Atlantic label.