ktru playsheet


from Sun 08/11/2019 07:57:00 AM until Sun 08/11/2019 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 AM- cochemea / asatoma [all my relations] on the daptone label.
09:52 AM- cibo matto / sugar water [viva la woman!] on the warner brothers label.
09:47 AM- laurie anderson / maria teresa teresa maria [the ugly one with the jewels and other stories] on the warner brothers label.
09:42 AM- avalanches / saturday night inside out [wildflower] on the modular recordings label.
09:38 AM- silver jews / dallas [the natural bridge] on the drag city label.
09:35 AM- silver jews / trains across the sea [starlite walker] on the drag city label.
09:30 AM- spiegel, laurie / two archetypes: i - hall of mirors [unseen worlds] on the unseen worlds label.
09:26 AM- konk / elephant [tales of the new york unerground 1981-88] on the soul jazz records label.
09:23 AM- bush tetras / can't be funky [rituals] on the stiff records label.
09:17 AM- james white and the blacks / contort yourself [off white] on the ze records label.
09:16 AM- baroness / blankets of ash [gold & grey] on the abraxan hymns label.
09:13 AM- r. stevie moore / compatibility leaves [what's the point] on the cuneiform records label.
09:08 AM- cass mccombs / sidewalk bop after suicide [tip of the sphere] on the anti label.
08:50 AM- terry riley / a rainbow in curved air [a rainbow in curved air] on the cbs label.
08:47 AM- ingeborg von agassiz / will you go? [o giver of dreams] on the s/t label.
08:35 AM- nusrat fateh ali khan / data ke ghulamon ko [greatest hits] on the shanachie label.
08:32 AM- monsoon / tomorrow never knows [third eye] on the the mobile suit corporation label.
08:26 AM- yann tiersen / pell [all] on the everythings calm label.
08:22 AM- woods, jamila / baldwin [legacy! legacy!] on the jagjaguwar label.
08:16 AM- brian eno / julie with... [before and after science] on the editions eg label.
08:07 AM- robert wyatt / team spirit [ruth is stranger than richard] on the virgin label.
07:57 AM- thelonius monk / ephistrophy [monk's music] on the riverside label.