ktru playsheet


from Sun 06/10/2018 08:00:00 AM until Sun 06/10/2018 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:01 AM- john coltrane / ascension 1 - edition 1 [the major works of john coltrane-] on the impulse label.
10:00 AM- r crumb and the cheap suit serenaders / hula girl [number 3] on the blue goose label.
09:55 AM- shark toys / let's follow (city lights) [labyrinths] on the in the red label.
09:54 AM- chrome / out of reac [blood on the moon] on the don't fall off the mountain label.
09:53 AM- shel silverstein / rough on the living [the great conch train robbery] on the flying fish records label.
09:43 AM- dacus, lucy / addictions [historian] on the matador label.
09:42 AM- rites of spring / theme [rites of spring] on the dischord label.
09:37 AM- royal headache / high [high] on the what's your rupture? label.
09:36 AM- k campbell / summer dress [pure pop for jaded punks] on the poison moon label.
09:31 AM- dengue fever / tip my canoe [escape from dragonhouse] on the m80/birdman label.
09:31 AM- lead / untitled side b [s/t] on the radical documents label.
09:24 AM- celibate rifles / new mistakes [the turgid miasma of existence] on the rough trade label.
09:19 AM- mayfield, jessica lea / bum me out [sorry is gone] on the ato label.
09:16 AM- giant kitty / elegy [rampage] on the roologic records label.
09:14 AM- rain parade / what's she done to your mind? [emergency third rail powertrip] on the enigma label.
09:13 AM- quintron / rockin' cha [the amazing spellcaster] on the bulb records label.
09:07 AM- holy motors / sleepydr [slow sundown] on the wharf cat label.
09:00 AM- jeff rosenstock / tv stars [post-] on the polyvinyl label.
08:57 AM- alex chilton / hook or crook [like flies on sherbet] on the aura records label.
08:52 AM- john fahey / sunflower river blues [the best of john fahey - 1959 - 1977] on the takoma records label.
08:51 AM- swans / in my garden [children of god] on the caroline records label.
08:42 AM- muzsikas / lamenting song [maramaros - the lost jewish music of transylvania] on the hannibal records label.
08:40 AM- sun ra and his arkestra / enlightenment [jazz in silhouette] on the evidence label.
08:34 AM- saints / no time [(i'm) stranded] on the sire records label.
08:29 AM- destroy all monsters / conga [74-76] on the compound annex label.
08:28 AM- redd kross / blow you a kiss in the wind [teen babes from monsanto] on the gasatanka label.
08:25 AM- erkin koray / ve... [mechul] on the sublime frequencies label.
08:16 AM- a place to bury strangers / situation changes [pinned] on the in the red label.
08:05 AM- lead / untitled [s/t] on the radical documents label.