ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 06/12/2018 08:00:00 PM until Tue 06/12/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59 PM- blues funeral / autumn dream [the search] on the self label.
09:57 PM- the hates / no more trump [no more trump] on the self label.
09:53 PM- warlung / mind melter [sleepwalker] on the self label.
09:48 PM- omotai / spanish constellation [terrestrial grief] on the self label.
09:43 PM- the well / mortal bones [samsara] on the self label.
09:38 PM- cactus flowers / turquiose prince [live at steamboat ampworks] on the self label.
09:34 PM- ume / two years sleep [two years sleep] on the modern outsider label.
09:27 PM- b l a c k i e / position targeted [remains] on the self label.
09:24 PM- tightn' up / sellout [and now we can begin] on the self label.
09:20 PM- genesis blu / melanin monroe [bluming season] on the roo logic label.
09:15 PM- rosewood thievz / freedom [two and a half years] on the hodge studios label.
09:12 PM- radio galaxy / light hops [noboday digs your music but you] on the the what of whom label.
09:09 PM- virgil wolfe / hold on [hold on] on the self label.
09:05 PM- eimaral sol / time travel [time travel] on the self label.
08:55 PM- d. kosmo / love my baby [honeymoon] on the self label.
08:52 PM- robert kuhn / star in the morning [maria the gun] on the self label.
08:48 PM- stephanie rice / let me go [let me go] on the self label.
08:45 PM- scott h biram / lost case of bein' found [preachin' and hollerin'] on the bloodshot label.
08:41 PM- lee ann womack / sunday [the lonely, the lonesome, & the gone] on the ato label.
08:38 PM- vodi / night creature [talk] on the self label.
08:34 PM- molly burch / please forgive me [please be mine] on the captured tracks label.
08:31 PM- greezy wheels / don't come when you're mad at me [gone greezy] on the mahatma label.
08:24 PM- the wiggins / let me down [waterworld] on the miss champagne label.
08:20 PM- jad fair & danial johnston / happy talk [it's spooky] on the jagjauwar label.
08:17 PM- the octanes / fish outta water [lucky seven] on the self label.
08:13 PM- hearts of animals / deathwish [human size] on the miss champagne label.
08:11 PM- buenos diaz / punk rock diva [gringo novellas] on the self label.
08:09 PM- amanda pascalli / fare thee well [amanda pascalli] on the self label.
08:05 PM- dollie barnes / taking all day [caught in a phase] on the self label.
08:03 PM- arthur yoria / last caress [after you] on the splice label.
08:01 PM- merel & tony / shadows of our hometown [merel & tony III] on the self label.