ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 02/28/2018 07:00:00 PM until Wed 02/28/2018 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- love / alone again or [forever changes] on the elektra label.
08:55 PM- the remains / all good things [a session with the remains] on the sundazed label.
08:52 PM- new colony six / come and give your love to me [45] on the mercury label.
08:50 PM- jimmy flint and the stones / piasano [45] on the wb label.
08:48 PM- paul revere and the raiders / him or me - what's it gonna be [45] on the columbia label.
08:36 PM- dick hyman / the minotaur [the electric eclectics of dick hyman] on the command label.
08:28 PM- the stooges / fun house [fun house] on the sundazed label.
08:25 PM- 13th floor elevators / slide machine [easter everywhere] on the international artists label.
08:19 PM- tarantula / electric guru [tarantula] on the a&m label.
08:16 PM- the strawberry alarm clock / sit with the guru [wake up...it's tomorrow] on the mca label.
08:11 PM- the continental 4 / the love you gave to me [45] on the jay-walking label.
08:08 PM- 100 proof (aged in soul) / everything good is bad [45] on the hot wax label.
08:05 PM- buddy ace / true love money can't buy [r'n'b meets northern soul vol. 2] on the v.o.r. label.
08:03 PM- the intruders / turn the hands of time [45] on the gamble label.
08:01 PM- james and bobby purify / let love come between us [45] on the bell label.
07:57 PM- the isley brothers / there's no love left [45] on the tamla label.
07:52 PM- the uniques / i sure feel more (like i do than i did when i got here) [the uniqes] on the paula label.
07:48 PM- the boogie kings / harlem shuffle [montel presents...the boogie kings] on the montel michelle label.
07:45 PM- john fred and his playboys / boogie children [john fred and his playboys] on the paula label.
07:40 PM- tony joe white / a night n the life of a swamp fox [tony joe white.] on the wb label.
07:38 PM- p.j. proby / niki hokey [45] on the liberty label.
07:30 PM- the mothers of invention / who are the brain police? [freak out!] on the verve label.
07:27 PM- david / please mr. policeman [cornflake zoo episode one] on the particles label.
07:25 PM- the belfast gypsies / secret police [them belfast gypsies] on the rev-ola label.
07:22 PM- thursday's children / help, murder, police [1965-69] on the voxx label.
07:19 PM- the federal union / can't stop, can't go (version 2) [lost souls vol. 4] on the psych of the south label.
07:16 PM- the thingies / rainy sunday morning [high all the time vol. 1] on the past & present label.
07:14 PM- group axis / silly ants [get ready to fly] on the big beat label.
07:12 PM- the in / just give me time [garage beat '66 vol. 1] on the sundazed label.
07:07 PM- the who / armenia city in the sky - heinz baked beans [the who sell out] on the decca label.
07:05 PM- the flamin' groovies / golden clouds [sneakers] on the line label.
07:03 PM- wadsworth mansion / what's on tonight [45] on the sussex label.