ktru playsheet


from Sat 02/09/2019 10:00:00 PM until Sat 02/09/2019 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:51 PM- the anasa professionals / enwan [nigeria afrobeat special] on the soundway label.
11:49 PM- owen pallett / scadal at the parkade [a swedish love story] on the domino label.
11:48 PM- mitski / pink in the night [be the cowboy] on the dead oceans label.
11:41 PM- spiritualized / a perfect miracle [and nothing hurt] on the fat possum records label.
11:36 PM- the districts / salt [popular manipulations] on the fat possum label.
11:32 PM- kero kero bonito / only acting [time n' place] on the polyvinyl label.
11:28 PM- dengue fever / tip my canoe [escape from dragon house] on the birdman recording group label.
11:24 PM- sweet, ian / spit [crush crusher] on the hardly art label.
11:21 PM- kishi bashi / why don't you answer me [sonderlust] on the joyful noise label.
11:15 PM- the dig / simple love [bloodshot tokyo] on the rollcall label.
11:12 PM- strfkr / never ever [being no one going nowhere] on the polyvinyl label.
11:06 PM- shmu / hololeaps [lead me to the glow] on the s.r label.
11:03 PM- mai lan / pumper [autopilote] on the cinq7 label.
10:58 PM- t arkan / dudu [turkish groove] on the putumayo label.
10:55 PM- lady wray / let it go [queen alone] on the big crown label.
10:51 PM- beauvoir, malou / there's a man [spiritwalker] on the s/r label.
10:48 PM- the black santiagos / ole [nigeria afrobeat] on the soundway label.
10:42 PM- sts9 / out of this world [the universe inside] on the 1320 label.
10:37 PM- m83 / laser gun [junk] on the mute label.
10:35 PM- blood orange / minetta creek [negro swan] on the domino label.
10:32 PM- the decemberists / philomena [what a terrible world, what a beautiful world] on the capitol records label.
10:28 PM- the last shadow puppets / miracle aligner [everything you've come to expect] on the domino label.
10:24 PM- sabrina starke / milk & honey [sabrina starke] on the zip records label.
10:20 PM- my brightest diamond / rising star [a million and one] on the rhyme & reason label.
10:18 PM- whitney / no matter where we go [light upon the lake] on the secretly canadian label.
10:15 PM- nadler, marissa / said goodbye to that car [for my crimes] on the sacred bones label.
10:11 PM- the bird and the bee / i hate camera [the bird and the bee] on the blue note label.
10:07 PM- andrew bird / tables and chairs [andrew bird and the mysterious produciton of eggs] on the righteous babe label.
10:00 PM- biirdie / i'm gonna tell you something [catherine avenue] on the drive-thru label.
09:57 PM- sufjan stevens / flint (for the unemployed and underpaid) [michigan] on the asthmatic kitty label.