ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 08/12/2019 10:00:00 PM until Tue 08/13/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:55 AM- st 37 / maroons [high and inside] on the blue circle label.
12:48 AM- the legendary pink dots / voices [the legendary pink box] on the play it again sam label.
12:44 AM- pain teens / new woman [collective unconscious mythology and you] on the anomie records label.
12:40 AM- boredoms / anarchy in the ukk [chocolate synthesizer] on the reprise records label.
12:19 AM- steven stapleton and david tibet / dreambreath [the threats of memories] on the united dirtier label.
12:09 AM- edgar varese / integrales [music of edgar varese] on the columbia label.
12:05 AM- black magic marker / a fist full of silver [sidedark] on the screamin' for "the truth" label.
11:43 PM- the streetcleaner / side a [ehre] on the untergeschoss label.
11:38 PM- morning scales the mountain / out west [wound: a guitar-centric compilation] on the carbon records label.
11:28 PM- sonic youth / herinneringen [muzikale vergezichten] on the syr label.
11:26 PM- rat bastard / untitled [wound: a guitar-centric compilation] on the carbon records label.
11:21 PM- studded left / vain [popular intuition] on the studded left / girlgang music label.
11:17 PM- striations / child traffic [missing and exploited children] on the breathing problem productions label.
11:06 PM- peiiste / empire [trappist] on the human ignorance label.
11:03 PM- cyclops joint / barter is terminal [you'd sell a rat's asshole to a blind man as a wedding ring] on the bureaucracy of hope label.
10:45 PM- gerritt and john wiese / side a [panoramic glass and mirror] on the misanthropic agenda label.
10:40 PM- sissy spacek / smegma / lipscomb [lipscomb 7"] on the helicopter label.
10:37 PM- xiu xiu / hives hives [knife play] on the graveface records label.
10:35 PM- devo / turn around [whip it 7"] on the warner brothers label.
10:22 PM- how i quit crack / hyssop [transitional herbs] on the fantasy 1 label.
10:13 PM- troller / torch [graphic] on the holodeck label.
10:10 PM- cultucide / something wrong [year one] on the c.i.a. records label.
10:06 PM- ak'chamel / ghosts of phi am [lowlands of hteklum] on the moon glyph label.