ktru playsheet


from Fri 03/02/2018 08:00:00 PM until Fri 03/02/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- john talabot / last land [fin- special edition] on the permanent vacation label.
09:53 PM- nicolas jaar / the governor [sirens (deluxe edition)] on the other people llc label.
09:49 PM- potter natalizia zen / unsystematic waves [shut your eyes on the way out] on the ecstatic recordings label.
09:43 PM- WWWINGS,Letta / WYVERN letta remix [chimera ep] on the purple tape pedigree label.
09:39 PM- ursula bogner / soloresonanzen [recordings 1969-1988] on the faitiche label.
09:34 PM- jlin / holy child [black origami] on the planet mu label.
09:30 PM- boards of canada / see ya later [boards of canada] on the skam label.
09:22 PM- vatican shadow / waco postmortem (murrah) [april silencer] on the hospital productions label.
09:20 PM- groundislava / under the glow, rare times benedek [frozen throne] on the wedidit label.
09:18 PM- terekke / arrpfaded [improvisational loops] on the music from memory label.
09:15 PM- dj taye, dj manny / need it [still trippin] on the hyperdub ltd label.
09:08 PM- moderat / this time [II] on the mute records label.
09:03 PM- john carpenter / fallen (blanck mass remix) [single] on the sacred bones records label.
08:58 PM- rabit / humanitys daughters [les fleurs du mal] on the halcyon veil label.
08:55 PM- sick le lapin / experimental all core [megamix a vitesse extratonale] on the na label.
08:51 PM- blanck mass / john doe's carnival of error [blanck mass] on the world eater label.
08:49 PM- lorenzo senni / pointillistict [superimpositions] on the boomkat edition label.
08:42 PM- weird magic / skunkape [single] on the na label.
08:40 PM- groundislava / city dream [groudislava 2] on the friends of friends music label.
08:34 PM- julien / dawn, pt 1 - lilium kobayshi remix [kudatah, vol. 2] on the kudatah label.
08:30 PM- dj taye,dj / the matrix [still trippin] on the hyperdub ltd label.
08:29 PM- ata ebtekar / little tales [ornamental] on the na label.
08:23 PM- emeralds / the quaking mess [solar bridge] on the hanson label.
08:16 PM- clark / ache of the north [turning dragon] on the warp label.
08:12 PM- mathematiques modernes / disco rough [so young but so cold: underground french music 1977-1983] on the tigersushi label.
08:10 PM- east man / east man theme [red, white & zero] on the planet mu label.
08:04 PM- potter natalizia zen / rhythm did not change [shut your eyes on the way out] on the ecstatic recordings label.