ktru playsheet


from Wed 01/31/2018 11:00:00 PM until Thu 02/01/2018 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:58 PM- glorium / espionage radio [eclipse] on the golden hour label.
11:53 PM- van etta, sharon / every time the sun comes up [are we there] on the jagjaguwar label.
11:51 PM- cryptacize / tail & mane [mythomania] on the asthmatic kitty label.
11:48 PM- beirut / elephant gun [lon gisland ep] on the ba da bing label.
11:41 PM- us maple / open a rose [acre thrills] on the drag city label.
11:36 PM- el lago / into the clearing [colors] on the miss champagne label.
11:32 PM- survive / a.h.b. [rr7349] on the relapse records label.
11:28 PM- esmerine / la penombre [mechanics of dominion] on the constellation label.
11:24 PM- suffers,the / peanuts [s/t] on the rhyme & reason label.
11:18 PM- baker, julien / claws in your back [turn out the lights] on the matador label.
11:13 PM- des demonas / there are no vampires in africa [s/r] on the in the red label.
11:09 PM- greatest view, the / made the bed [she was sarcastic to begin with] on the s/r label.
11:05 PM- iver, bon / calgary [s/t] on the jagjaguwar label.
11:01 PM- cende / what i want [#1 hit single] on the double double whammy label.