ktru playsheet


from Sun 07/07/2019 05:24:00 PM until Sun 07/07/2019 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:02 PM- yachts / look back in love (not in anger) [teenage kicks: uk pop vol 1 1976-79] on the rhino label.
07:56 PM- the crabs / debutante [what were flames now smolder] on the k records label.
07:53 PM- life in a blender / cool mom [it likes me] on the fang label.
07:49 PM- hauschka / radar [salon des amateurs] on the fat cat label.
07:45 PM- the steinbecks / 2-star motel [at home & abroad with the steinbecks] on the summershine label.
07:43 PM- lambchop / cigaretiquette [tools in the dryer] on the merge label.
07:39 PM- kamikaze hearts / no one called you a failure [oneida road] on the collar city records label.
07:35 PM- the moaners / oh christy [dark snack] on the yep roc label.
07:33 PM- the thermals / end to begin [f****'n a] on the sub pop label.
07:27 PM- tilt / dear wife [collect em all] on the fat wreck chords label.
07:23 PM- throw that beat in the garbage can! / angels don't cry [the cool album] on the spin art label.
07:20 PM- the tiki tones / lava flow [idol pleasures] on the mai tai label.
07:18 PM- tijuana panthers / sooner or later [wayne interest] on the innovative leisure label.
07:05 PM- satoko fuji orchestra / ruin 1- the desert [double take] on the ewe label.
07:00 PM- ted leo and the pharmacists / timorous me [the tyranny of distance] on the lookout records label.
06:56 PM- remmington super 60 / bossanova button [pling 2001] on the automatic kiss records label.
06:53 PM- casket lottery / a thuosand oaks (away from home) [moving mountains] on the second nature label.
06:49 PM- vic chesnutt / strange language [is the actor happy?] on the texas hotel label.
06:46 PM- the skygreen leopards / summer alchemy [1000 bird ceremony] on the soft abuse label.
06:43 PM- bunnygrunt / constantly fighting [jen-fi] on the no life label.
06:40 PM- catch 22 / as the footsteps die out forever [keasbey nights] on the victory records label.
06:36 PM- ian sweet / all skaters go to heaven [shapeshifter] on the hardly art label.
06:27 PM- prince buster & the trojans / president brotha [ska stars of the 80s] on the gaz's label.
06:24 PM- westbury squares / over inflated [the westbury squares] on the fuzzgun records label.
06:21 PM- self / ana ng [hello radio] on the bar none label.
06:20 PM- x / we're desperate [we're desperate: the L.A. Scene: 1976-79] on the rhino label.
06:16 PM- j mascis + the fog / outside [free so free] on the artemis/ultimatum label.
06:12 PM- young mammals / mosquitobot [carrots] on the s/r label.
06:08 PM- shonen knife / twist barbie [let's knife] on the virgin records america label.
06:06 PM- koes plus / kelelawar (the bats) [dheg dheg plas & vol. 2] on the sublime frequencies label.
06:03 PM- charles k noyes / white noyes [full stop] on the ecstatic peace label.
05:56 PM- sali sadibe / n'dia [from timbuktu to gao] on the shanachie label.
05:52 PM- ozzie kotani / my old guitar [hawaiian slack key guitar masters] on the dancing cat records label.
05:49 PM- ex hex / diamond drive [it's real] on the merge label.
05:46 PM- abjects / dream song [never give up] on the yippee ki yay label.
05:42 PM- frankie & the witch fingers / pleasure [zam] on the greenway label.
05:39 PM- charly bliss / blown to bits [young enough] on the barsuk label.
05:35 PM- pup / kids [morbid stuff] on the rise label.
05:31 PM- public practice / into the ring [distance is a mirror] on the wharf cat label.
05:29 PM- sneaks / the way it goes [highway hypnosis] on the merge label.
05:25 PM- tacocat / rose colored sky [this mess is a place] on the sub pop label.