ktru playsheet

KellyM, TracyJoB
chickenskin music

from Thu 06/06/2019 08:00:00 PM until Thu 06/06/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59 PM- Dave Rawlings Machine / Bells of Harlem [A Friend of a Friend] on the Acony Records label.
09:53 PM- I'm with Her / Chinky Pin Hill [Johnny Csh: Forever Words] on the Legacy label.
09:50 PM- Michael Hurley, Holy Modal Rounders / Slurf Song [I Make a Wish for a Potato] on the New Rounder label.
09:48 PM- Bedouine / Echo Park [Bird Songs of a Killjoy] on the Spacebomb label.
09:45 PM- Leonard Cohen / Famous Blue Raincoat [Songs of Love and Hate] on the Columbia label.
09:35 PM- Amanda Pascali / Tantella Avion [Still It Moves] on the self label.
09:32 PM- Pharis & Jason Romero / I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail [A Passing Glimpse] on the Lula Records label.
09:23 PM- Tom Rush / The Panama Limited [Tom Rush] on the Rhino/Elektra label.
09:22 PM- Jimmie Rodgers / Away out on the Mountain [The Essential Jimmie Rodgers] on the RCA label.
09:21 PM- Spook Handy / Old Devil Time [Songs of Pete, Woody & Me Vol. II] on the Akashic label.
09:12 PM- Miaden Radio / Green Icy Mountain [Wolvering] on the Ok Recordings label.
09:08 PM- Gillian Welch / The Way It Goes [The Harrow and the Harvest] on the Acony label.
09:05 PM- Steam Machine / Farewell Waltz [Steam Machine] on the self label.
09:01 PM- Sam Reider / Valley of the Giants [Too Hot to Sleep] on the Self label.
08:57 PM- Billy Bragg & Wilco / Hoodoo Voodoo [Mermaid Avenue] on the Nonesuch label.
08:53 PM- Tom Waits / I hope that I Don't Fall in Love with You [Closing Time (Remastered)] on the Anti/Epitaoh label.
08:48 PM- Resonant Rogues / Strength of Water [Autumn of the World] on the self label.
08:42 PM- Joan Baez / Please Come to Boston [Greatest Hits] on the A&M label.
08:39 PM- Lila Downs / El Quino Regimiento [Spain in My Heart: Songs of the Sanish Civil War] on the Appleseed label.
08:35 PM- Ian Noe / Letter to Madeline [Between the Country] on the National Treadury Recordings label.
08:31 PM- Ola Belle Reed / Go Home Little Girl [Ola Belle Reed] on the New Rounder label.
08:28 PM- Iron Mountain String Band / Down in the Willow Garden [Walkin in the Parlor] on the Smithsonian Folkways label.
08:25 PM- Old Man Luedeke / Death of Truth [Easy Money] on the self label.
08:19 PM- Po' Girl / Skies of Grey [Home to You] on the Nettwerk label.
08:13 PM- Bill Callahan / America! [Apocalype] on the Drag City label.
08:12 PM- Anna and Elizabeth / Long Time Travelin' [Anna & Elizabeth] on the Trade Root Music Group label.
08:07 PM- Bob Dylan / A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall [The Bootleg Series, Vo. 9] on the Columbia label.
08:03 PM- John Hartford / Turn Your Radio On [Aereo-plain] on the Warner Bros. label.