ktru playsheet


from Thu 12/05/2019 01:00:00 PM until Thu 12/05/2019 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:56 PM- modest mouse / the good times are killing me [good news for people who love bad news] on the epic label.
01:53 PM- eddy davis / when your lover has gone [heavy hitter] on the 32 jazz label.
01:47 PM- hot chip / bath full of ecstacy [a bathful of ecstasy] on the domino label.
01:46 PM- neutral milk hotel / a baby for pree [on avery island] on the merge label.
01:43 PM- glen miller / in the mood [glen miller a memorial] on the rca label.
01:38 PM- danger doom / the mask [the mouse and the mask] on the epitaph label.
01:35 PM- mattson 2 / naima's dream [paradise] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
01:33 PM- the unicorns / sea ghost [who will cut our hair when we're gone] on the alien8 label.
01:25 PM- swans / amnesia [leaving meaning] on the young god label.
01:22 PM- danger doom / space ho's [the mouse and the mask] on the epitaph label.
01:17 PM- mf doom / guinesses [mmm... food] on the rhymeslayers label.
01:16 PM- goldlink / spectrum [and after that we we didnt talk] on the soulection label.
01:10 PM- carseat headrest / bodys [twin fantasy] on the matador label.
01:04 PM- land of kush / domyat 1331 [sand enigma] on the constellation label.
01:01 PM- brockhampton / boy bye [ginger] on the rca label.